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Lougheed, AB

Contributed by TriciaPope, an ePodunk user.

July 2, 2007

Pluses:  Nice quiet village: you can sleep in your backyard and not hear a thing outside of the crickets.

Safe: it's ok to leave your car and home unlocked. Kids can walk over to the neighbours house or the skating rink (or the Mrs Horricks' house for chocolate chip cookies) and parents do not need to worry.

Everyone knows everyone: you can buy something at the store with the promise of coming back to pay for it (and they know exactly how and where to hunt you down). When hosting a bridal / baby shower, everyone is there!

Heritage / generations keep on going: It amazes me to see how many familiar last names I see and how many people willingly admit that they have or still do live there!

Small and Convenient: if you can't find someone, just go to main street and shout. If the person doesn't come out, chances are someone will still know where to look.

Minuses:  Everyone knows everyone: No chance to keep any secrets. If you want to know what is going on with so and so, just ask anyone!

Limited resources: Would you like to buy your groceries at the Coop on a weekday or the weekend? Coop is the only choice!

Middle of no where: some people tend to move away as fast as they move in and so it is hard to keep some lasting relationships with people unless they have some strong family roots.

A good place to...  Get a sense of a real farming community. It seems that everyone is either a farmer, a farmer's wife, a farmer's kid, the farmer's grocer / butcher, the teacher to the farmer and or kid(s), the farmer's banker, the farmer's merchant, etc. Life evolves around FARMING!

 There's just something about this little ho hum village that has gone from a hamlet, to a village, to a town, and down again that somehow magnetizes us to want to come back, or at least, learn more of what's going on!

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