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"People from Toronto used to go to Buffalo for the weekends, the men to watch girlie shows and drink after-hours beer, the women to shop; they'd come back jumped-up and pissed and wearing several layers of clothes to smuggle them through Customs. Now the weekend traffic is the other way around."
-- Cat's Eye
Margaret Atwood

"Only in Toronto are the subways quite so wholesome, the parks so mugger-less, the children so well behaved (even at the Science Centre, where the temptation to fuse circuits or permanently disorient laser beams must be almost irresistible)."
-- City to City
Jan Morris

"Once it was fashionable to say how dull it was. First prize a week in Toronto, second prize two weeks in Toronto, Toronto the Good, Toronto the Blue, where you couldn't get wine on Sundays. Everyone here said those things: provincial, self-satisfied, boring. If you said that, it showed you recognized those qualities, but did not partake of them yourself. Now you're supposed to say how much it's changed."
-- Cat's Eye
Margaret Atwood

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